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Graeme's Davis weekend

Instant Personalized Websites
with Personalized Videos


121 makes it easy, fast, and inexpensive to create beautiful, immersive, personalized websites.


Websites with personal urls (like,
so your customers know it’s been personalized for an audience of one.


Use your existing web content to create new, personalized web marketing.


See how 121 can turn any video into a personal video experience.


 Graeme, it’s more than videos.

This is a multipage microsite. 

We’ve included 3 other video tours...

demos we have made for”Colosal Tours”

Click to See the Colossal Tour Pages and Personalized Videos

 With 121 and Abstract5, design and content are independent.

You can use this widget to see the page and video with different fonts, etc.

Preview Design:

It’s easy to incorporate 121 Personalized Sites

into your web marketing.


Use the same csv mailing list you use for personalized emails to generate 1000s of 121 sites in seconds. 
(Want proof? We’ll be happy to give you access to do this yourself.)


Do you use cookies to track user action and preferences?

Use them to re-direct users to a name-personalized, rich content website.
A great new way to make web ads more effective.


Have sales reps making personal contact?
Generate individual personal websites instead of PDFs.

(You can try that out now by clicking here. It typically takes about a half second.)





To Sum Up:


Easy to create immersive, personalized websites

No change to your production website

Generate 1000s in seconds or one at a time

Reuse and personalize your existing web content

Even personlize videos

Rich content maximizes customer involvement

No tech, no code. A smart intern can create 121 sites.

Fast, easy, and cheap



 Graeme, Let’s Get Started!

Yes, I want to know more!



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